A bit about me. I feel like the best way to understand me and my artistic perspective is to understand that I’ve been lucky enough to experience love in its truest form at a remarkably young age. If you work with me, you’ll inevitably meet my amazing partner in crime, Trevor. He’s my bestie and my fiancé, and being with him has helped me understand my couples and capturing their love so much better.

Anyways, Trev and I, we’re goofy. Like, really goofy. Be prepared to laugh… and then laugh… and then laugh some more. Shooting with us is a dang good time, and we’ll probably all be great friends by the end.

Our Story

 I've always loved photography (I have worksheets from fourth grade where I list it as my top hobby), but I didn't turn it into a career until just about three years ago. I had the opportunity to second shoot for a couple of incredible photographers, and things seemed to shoot off from there... pun intended. Being self taught has definitely posed some challenges over the years, but I would never want it differently now. It's allowed me to grow as an artist at my own pace, and without anyone else's influence.

Now when I tell people I love my job, I really, REALLY love my job. I've never come home from a wedding feeling unsatisfied or unhappy, and somehow I always end up with the most incredible clients who inevitably turn into my best friends by the end of our time working together. And honestly, that's why I enjoy it so much. I get the privilege documenting the love that defines some pretty amazing people's lives. I get to be present for some of the rawest and most genuine human emotions out there, and that's pretty special. One of my favorite quotes states that photography is not about capturing what a moment looks like, but it is about capturing what the moment feels like, and that's what I'm all about. When I capture a wedding, I'm looking to mainly capture the day from the bride and grooms perspective, from the viewpoint of their love and all the work it took to get to the vows and the feelings those vows are rooted in. I love the happy tears, the open mouthed laughs, and the inevitable moment when a couple finally gets alone and whispers, "We're actually married!" and then cries some more.